Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the process to select my wedding cake?

A: It is fun! After I receive an initial contact from you, I'll email general information about my cakes regarding flavors, pricing, decorations, etc.  Fill out the accompanying questionnaire and email it back to me. This will give me lots of information on my journey to get to know you and your partner and enable me to give you the wedding cake of your dreams... even if you don't have a specific cake in mind!  We shall then make a tasting appointment for you to sample cakes, look through my portfolio, and most of all, get to know you.  It always ends up being a fun discussion here at Birdsong Farm!

Q: We plan to get married in Vermont but we live far away. Is it possible to hire you even if we don't meet before the wedding?

A: Yes, absolutely!  I have many brides from around the world whom I have never met... and some have become my good friends.

Q: We plan to get married hours from Stowe and we'd love to have you do the cake. Can it be transported?

A: Yes, there is a very reliable Priority Express delivery service out of Williston, VT. Contact them directly at 802-862-2828.

Q: Why do you sculpt sugar flowers (to match mine) rather than using fresh flowers?

A: Two important reasons:

1. Flowers, which arrive to the florist from all over the world, may have been exposed to toxic pesticides or preservatives.  I therefore choose to not put them in (or even on) my cakes.  This is strictly a health issue as I do not want my clients to ingest these harmful chemicals.

2. I will spend hours and hours replicating your exact flower choices (or pets, etc.!) in color, style and texture.  You will be able to keep forever these remembrances of your very special day (sugar paste dries just like porcelain!). I shall provide with your cake a box full of foam so your sugar paste art sculptures can travel safely home with you.

Q: You made me the MOST incredible and exquisite sugar flowers that perfectly match my wedding decorations.  I just cannot believe they aren't real! What is the best way to store them?

A: To keep your sugar paste flowers forever, place in a dry area (no damp bathroom please!) on a shelf, in a vase, or in a box/under a dome (glass if you want to exhibit them).

Q: We loved our wedding cake and would love to eat your cakes on other special occasions with or even without decorations. Is this possible?

A: Yes!  We are in the process of opening Vermont Sweet Tooth Mail Order which will include our staple flavors in addition to scrumptious brownies and other delights.  Our treats will reach you wherever you are!